No. Title Speaker Time Venue
562 Quantum Journal Club: Dynamical Casimir Effect Entangles Artificial Atoms Xi-yue Han and Yi-hong Zhang
2017-12-28-2017-12-28 MMW S327
561 Quantum Journal Club: A hybrid quantum-inspired neural networks with sequence inputs Wen-ding Zhao , Zi-du Liu
2017-12-21-2017-12-21 MMW S-327
560 Quantum Journal Club: Efficient Extraction of Light from a Nitrogen-Vacancy Center in a Diamond Parabolic Reflector Ye-fei Yu and Yue Jiang
2017-11-30-2017-11-30 MMW S327
559 Quantum Journal Club: Quantum machine learning for quantum anomaly detection Quan-xin Mei ,Zhi-ling Wang
2017-11-23-2017-11-23 MMW S327
558 Quantum Journal Club: Hardware-efficient variational quantum eigensolver for small molecules and quantum magnets Yu-wei Ma and Yan-bin Yang
2017-11-16-2017-11-16 MMW S327
557 Quantum Journal Club: All pure bipartite entangled states can be self-tested Pei Zeng ,Yu-lin Ma
2017-11-09-2017-11-09 MMW S-327
556 Quantum Journal Club: Highly-Efficient Quantum Memory for Polarization Qubits in a Spatially-Multiplexed Cold Atomic Ensemble Sheng Zhang,Xin Wang
2017-11-02-2017-11-02 MMW S327
555 Quantum Journal Club: Demonstration of Weight-Four Parity Measurements in the Surface Code Architecture Wei-zhou Cai, Chen Ma
2017-10-26-2017-10-26 MMW S327
554 Quantum sensing with arbitrary frequency resolution Ming-lei Cai ,Xian-zhi Huang
2017-10-19-2017-10-19 MMW S-327
553 Semiconductor-Nanowire-Based Superconducting Qubit Tian-qi Cai ,Xiao-long Ouyang
2017-10-12-2017-10-12 S327
552 Quantum Journal Club: Observation of an environmentally insensitive solid state spin defect in diamond Wenqian Lian, Huili Zhang
551 Quantum Journal Club: 10-qubit entanglement and parallel logic operations with a superconducting circuit Xuegang Li ,Zhenyu Liu
2017-09-14-2017-09-14 MMW-S327
550 Quantum Journal Club: Entanglement-based dc magnetometry with separated ions Pengfei Wang, Xianghao Mu
549 Quantum Journal Club: Continuous-variable quantum key distribution with 1 Mbps secure key rate Cheng Ma
2017-05-18-2017-05-18 MMW S327
548 Quantum Journal Club Xianzhi Huang, Weizhou Cai
547 Quantum Journal Club: Generating 3 qubit quantum circuits with neural networks Chu-heng Zhang
Tsinghua University
2017-04-20-2017-04-20 MMW-S327
546 Quantum Journal Club: Trapped-Ion Quantum Logic with Global Radiation Fields Yao Lu
Tsinghua University
2017-04-13-2017-04-13 MMW-S327
545 Quantum Journal Club: Repeated quantum error correction on a continuously encoded qubit by real-time feedback Xiaolong Ouyang
Tsinghua University
2017-04-13-2017-04-13 MMW-S327
544 Quantum Journal Club: Tunable Superconducting Qubits with Flux-Independent Coherence Tianqi Cai
Tsinghua University
2017-04-13-2017-04-13 MMW-S327
543 Quantum Journal Club: Efficient Electrical Spin Readout of NV− Centers in Diamond Huili Zhang
Tsinghua University
2017-04-06-2017-04-06 MMW-S327