1. Target

  Tsinghua University special Pilot CS Class was founded by Professor Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, winner of the A.M. Turing Award in 2000. The Class, among several computer science and technology classes, is different from others in its credits requirements in platform classes and the arrangements of core classes and specialized classes. In terms of curriculum, more importance is attached to math, computer science theory and the combination of software theory and practice. In teaching, the Class enjoys excellent teachers at IIIS and its advanced research environment so as to cultivate top-level computer science talents.

2. Duration of Learning and Degree

  The academic duration undergraduates is four years. A flexible duration of learning is adopted based on the credit management system. 
   Degree obtained: Bachelor of Engineering

3. Credits and Academic Hours

Total credits should be no less than 168, among which 123 are for spring and autumn semesters (21 class hours each week), 15 are for summer social practices, 15 are for computer science research practice at Tsinghua or other famous research institutions in autumn semesters and 15 are for comprehensive paper trainings in the spring semester of the fourth school year.