No. Title Speaker Time Venue
481 Greening a Top-20 Economy: Energy-Efficient Timely Transportation of Heavy-Duty Trucks Prof. Minghua Chen
2017-03-16-2017-03-16 MMW-S327
480 On Efficient Hardware Implementation of Cellular Neural Networks Yiyu Shi
University of Notre Dame
2017-03-15-2017-03-15 FIT 1-222
479 机器智能时代——量化投资以及中美市场比较 吴靖教授
2017-03-06-2017-03-06 FIT 1-222
478 Erasing memory – Protecting quantum coherence and entanglement Prof. Suhail Zubairy
Texas A&M university
2017-03-10-2017-03-10 MMW-S327
477 Recent Advances on Approximation Algorithms in Doubling Metrics Shaofeng Jiang
The University of Hong Kong
2017-02-24-2017-02-24 FIT 1-222
476 Online Job Dispatching and Scheduling in Edge-Clouds Zhenhua Han
The University of Hong Kong
2017-02-24-2017-02-24 FIT 1-222
475 New topological gapless particles in cold atom systems Dr. Yong Xu
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2017-03-02-2017-03-02 FIT 1-222
474 Engineering Quantum Thermal Machines Adolfo del Campo
University of Massachusetts
2017-01-23-2017-01-23 MMW-S327
473 De novo protein structure prediction by big data and deep learning Sheng Wang
Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
2017-01-05-2017-01-05 FIT 1-222
472 Quench dynamics in long-range interacting quantum systems Zhexuan Gong
Joint Quantum Institute, University of Maryland
2017-01-05-2017-01-05 MMW-S327
471 Parameterized Supply Function Equilibrium in Power Networks Weixuan Lin
Cornell University
2016-12-28-2016-12-28 FIT 1-222
470 Loop Quantum Gravity and Quantum Geometry Prof. Muxin Han
Florida Atlantic University
2016-12-27-2016-12-27 MMW-S327
469 Quantum gate operation in the circuit-QED lattice with circulator function Dr. Moondae Kim
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
2016-12-23-2016-12-23 MMW-S327
468 Entangling coherent states into a maximally entangled qudits and/or qudit cluster states Prof. Jaewan Kim
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
2016-12-23-2016-12-23 MMW-S327
467 A Duality Based Framework for Designing Simple Mechanisms Yang Cai
McGill University
2016-12-23-2016-12-23 FIT 1-222
466 From Bayesian to Crowdsourced Bayesian Auctions Prof. Jing Chen
Stony Brook University
2016-12-15-2016-12-15 FIT 1-222
465 Zero in on Key Open Problems in Automated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Protein Structure Determination Ahmed Abbas
Ain Shams University
2016-11-29-2016-11-29 FIT 1-222
464 Quantum Information Science in a Complex World Mile Gu
Nanyang Technological University
2016-11-21-2016-11-21 MMW-S327
463 PSD rank and its applications in computer science and quantum physics Dr. Zhaohui Wei
Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore
2016-11-15-2016-11-15 FIT 1-222
462 The LWE-based key exchange Prof. Jintai Ding
Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Cincinnati
2016-12-11-2016-12-11 FIT 1-222