No. Title Speaker Time Venue
560 Provable Algorithms for Statistical Challenges in Data Driven Decision Making Yuhao Wang
2018-12-24-2018-12-24 FIT 1-222
559 Adventures with large biomedical datasets: diseases, medical records, environment and genetics Prof. Andrey Rzhetsky
University of Chicago
2018-12-11-2018-12-11 FIT 1-222
558 Cancer germline genomics: from biological insights to genomic predictions Prof.Edwin Wang
University of Calgary
2018-11-20-2018-11-20 FIT 1-222
557 Pushing Secure Multi-Party Computation to Reality Dr. Xiao Wang
MIT and Boston University
2018-11-20-2018-11-20 FIT 1-222
556 Hardware Acceleration and Programmability Karu Sankaralingam
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2018-11-08-2018-11-08 FIT 1-222
555 AI challenges in autonomous driving Xiaofei He
Zhejiang University
2018-11-06-2018-11-06 FIT 1-222
554 Quantum stochastic processes: A complete theory for non-Markovian quantum phenomena Kavan Modi
Monash University
2018-11-06-2018-11-06 MMW S327
553 Spatio-Temporal Data Mining and Privacy Protection Jiaxin Ding
Stony Brook University
2018-10-25-2018-10-25 FIT 1-222
552 Efficient and Effective Models for Machine Reading Comprehension Wei Yu
Carnegie Mellon University
2018-10-19-2018-10-19 FIT 1-222
551 Building Generalizable Agents by Learning to Plan Yi Wu
UC Berkeley
2018-10-22-2018-10-22 FIT 1-222
550 Building Generalizable Agents by Learning to Plan Yi Wu
UC Berkeley
2018-10-22-2018-10-22 FIT 1-222
549 Understanding Gain Saturation of Josephson Parametric Converter Dr.Gangqiang Liu
University of Pittsburgh
2018-10-19-2018-10-19 MMW S327
548 Observation of conclusive one-way quantum steering and heralded quantum steering Dr. Geoff J. Pryde
Centre for Quantum Dynamics
2018-10-10-2018-10-10 MMW S327
547 Turing: Reinventing Decentralized Cryptocurrency with High Scalability and Fast Confirmation Dr. Yuan Zhou
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2018-09-20-2018-09-20 FIT 1-222
546 Towards an Optical Frequency Standard based on 176Lu+
National University of Singapore
2018-09-21-2018-09-21  Dr. Ting Rei Tan in CQT of . He will give us a talk from 16:00- 18:00 on Sep. 21th, 2018 (Friday), at MMW S327.
545  Delay-Constrained Network Information Flow and Timely Wireless Flow with General Traffic Patterns Minghua Chen
Chinese University of Hong Kong
2018-09-14-2018-09-14 FIT 1-222
544 Self-testing using only marginal information Dr. Yu Cai
National University of Singapore
2018-09-04-2018-09-04 MMW S327
543  Maximizing Broadcast Throughput under Ultra-Low-Power Constraints Tingjun Chen
Columbia University
2018-08-31-2018-08-31 FIT 1-222
542 Autonomous Collision Avoidance, Navigation, and Scene Reconstruction in Complex Dynamic Environments  Dr. Jia Pan
City University of Hong Kong
2018-08-31-2018-08-31 MMW S327
541 Fast entangling gates with trapped ions Vera Schafer
Oxford University
2018-08-23-2018-08-23 MMW S327