Lingxiao Huang
Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

Address: FIT 4-609, Tsinghua University

Education Background

2008 - 2012 IIIS, Tsinghua University, Bachelor
2012 - 2017 IIIS, Tsinghua University, PhD

Research Interests

stochastic models, algorithm design, game theory, machine learning


Capacitated Center Problems with Two-Sided Bounds and Outliers, Hu Ding, Lunjia Hu, Lingxiao Huang and Jian Li, WADS 2017 .

Stochastic k-Center and j-Flat-Center Problems. Lingxiao Huang, and Jian Li, SODA 2017.
epsilon-Kernel Coresets for Stochastic Points. Lingxiao Huang, Jian Li, Jeff M. Phillips, and Haitao Wang, ESA 2016.
K-Means Clustering with Distributed Dimensions. Hu Ding, Lingxiao Huang, Jian Li, and Yu Liu, ICML2016.
Canonical Paths for MCMC: from Art to Science. Lingxiao Huang, Pinyan Lu and Chihao Zhang, SODA2016.
Approximating the Expected Values for Combinatorial Optimization Problems over Stochastic Points. Lingxiao Huang and Jian Li., ICALP2015.

Approximation Algorithms for the Connected Sensor Cover Problem. Lingxiao Huang, Jian Li and Qicai Shi, COCOON2015.

Egalitarian Pairwise Kidney Exchange: Fast Algorithms via Linear Programming and Parametric Flow. Jian Li, Yichang Liu, Lingxiao Huang and Pingzhong Tang, AAMAS2014.

The Multi-shop Ski Rental Problem. Lingqing Ai, Xian Wu, Lingxiao Huang, Longbo Huang, Pingzhong Tang and Jian Li. SIGMETRICS2014.


2014 Zhangmingwei Prize

2015 Tsinghua 12.9 Prize

2016 National Scolarship