No. 讲座题目 主讲人 时间 地址
965 Quantum Journal Club: Hong-Ou-Mandel Interference between Two Deterministic Collective Excitations in an Atomic Ensemble Sheng Zhang
Tsinghua University
2016-10-13 16:00-17:00 MMW-S327
964 Quantum Journal Club: Demonstration of a small programmable quantum computer with atomic qubits Shuai-ning Zhang
Tsinghua University
2016-10-13 16:00-17:00 MMW-S327
963 Quantum Journal Club: Universal Work Fluctuations during Shortcuts To Adiabaticity Dr. Ken Funo
Peking University
2016-09-15 16:00-17:00 MMW-S327
962 Small Unextendible Sets of MUBs Dr. Markus GRASSL
Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany
2016-09-09 10:00-12:00 MMW-S327
961 Quantum optics with cold atomic gases Dr. Lin Li
2016-07-15 14:00-15:00 MMW-S527
960 User and Content Recommendation at Twitter Guang Xiang
Beijing, i.e. 数问
2016-06-24 15:00-17:00 FIT 1-312
959 Scalable and Incentive-Compatible Blockchain Design 石润婷
Cornell University
2016-06-22 10:00-11:00 FIT 1-222
958 Entangled Schrödinger Cat State in a Superconducting Quantum Circuit Chen Wang
Yale University
2016-06-14 14:00-15:00 MMW-S327
957 激光悬浮微纳粒子及量子自旋光力学 李统藏
2016-06-14 10:00-11:30 MMW-S327
956 量化投资相关技术在普惠金融服务中的应用 王志华
2016-06-07 14:00-15:00 FIT 1-222
955 Sub-wavelength atom localization and microscopy Prof. Suhail Zubairy
Texas A&M University
2016-06-01 10:00-12:00 MMW-S527
954 Scalable universal fault-tolerant quantum computers based on networked ion traps Dr. Ying Li
University of Oxford
2016-05-30 15:00-16:00 MMW-S327
953 Quantum Journal Club:A universal gate for fixed-frequency qubits via a tunable bus Jia-xiu Han
Tsinghua University
2016-05-26 16:30-17:00 MMW-S327
952 Integrated Investment Decision-making: How to Build Investment Engines in FinTech Areas Changle Lin
Princeton University & Robo-advisor Architect of Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
2016-05-25 13:30-14:30 FIT 1-222
951 Bigdata, machine learning and malware detection Ling Huang
DataVisor, Inc
2016-05-24 14:30-15:30 FIT 1-222
950 Quantum Journal Club: Experimental loophole-free violation of a Bell inequality using entangled electron spins separated by 1.3 km Wen-gang Zhang
Tsinghua University
2016-05-19 16:30-17:00 MMW-S327
949 Quantum Journal Club:Non-destructive state detection for quantum logic spectroscopy of molecular ions,Spectroscopy Using Quantum Logic Shuai-ning Zhang
Tsinghua University
2016-05-12 16:00-17:00 MMW-S327
948 Quantum Journal Club:Storing a single photon as a spin wave entangled with a flying photon in the telecommunication bandwidth Wei Chang
Tsinghua University
2016-05-12 16:00-17:00 MMW-S327
947 Quantum Journal Club: Thermal and Residual Excited-State Population in a 3D Transmon Qubit Yuan Xu
Tsinghua University
2016-05-05 16:00-17:00 MMW-S327
946 Quantum Journal Club:Source-Independent Quantum Random Number Generation,Loss-tolerant measurement-device-independent quantum random number generation Zhu Cao
Tsinghua University
2016-05-05 16:00-17:00 MMW-S327