No. 讲座题目 主讲人 时间 地址
359 Surprises in the theory of quantum communication Graeme Smith
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights
2014-10-17 10:00-11:00 MMW S320
358 Multiplexing continuous-variable quantum information in optics Dr. Seiji Armstrong
Australian National University
2014-10-16 11:00-12:00 FIT 1-222
357 Quantum physics in the macroscopic domain Prof. Vlatko Vedral
University of Oxford & National University of Singapore
2014-10-15 14:00-15:00 Lecture Hall, FIT Building
356 Information extraction: one spin versus two spins Prof. Shunlong Luo
Chinese Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2014-10-10 11:00-12:00 FIT 1-222
355 The SPRING PRF Hai Brenner
The Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya, Israel
2014-09-29 14:30-15:30 FIT 1-222
354 Quantum optics with propagating microwaves in superconducting circuits Dr. IoChun Hoi
University of California, Santa Barbara
2014-09-22 11:00-12:00 FIT 1-222
353 Cloud Computing Trends and Compass Project Dr. Haiying Wang
CTO of Cloud Computing
2014-09-19 14:00-15:00 FIT 1-222
352 Symmetric Extension of Two-Qubit States Prof. Bei Zeng
University of Guelph
2014-07-21 15:00-16:00 FIT 1-222
351 Soft Decoding of A Quantum Measurement Apparatus Prof. Bill Coish
McGill University
2014-07-21 14:00-15:00 FIT 1-222
350 Relativistic quantum information: an overview and user’s guide Prof. Daniel Terno
Macquarie University
2014-07-07 15:00-16:00 FIT 1-222
349 Weak Pigeonhole Principles, Circuits for Approximate Counting, and Bounded-Depth Prof.Albert Atserias
Universitat Politenica de Catalunya, Barcelona
2014-07-07 13:30-14:30 FIT 1-222
348 World Leading Mirrors and Coatings Technology David Samuels
Advanced Thin Films, Inc.
2014-06-19 09:45-11:00 FIT 1-222
347 SNC Seminar: How Can Multi-Tenant Data Center Become Sustainable? Prof. Shaolei Ren
Florida International University
2014-06-09 13:30-14:30 FIT 1-222
346 Creating long distance entanglement in disordered spin chains via local control Dr. Jian Cui
Freiburg University
2014-06-05 11:00-12:00 FIT 1-222
345 Persistence and Proliferation of Altruism in Spatially Structured Populations Prof. Cheol-Min Ghim
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
2014-05-29 14:00-15:00 FIT 1-222
344 Formal Ontology and the Suggested Upper Merged Ontology Adam Pease
2014-05-21 15:00-16:00 FIT 1-222
343 Overcoming the Intractability Obstacle in Unsupervised Machine Learning Sanjeev Arora
Princeton University
2014-05-21 14:00-15:00 Lecture Hall, FIT Buidling
342 SNC Seminar: Software Define Optical-Switched Data Center Network: Theory and Pr Dr. Yueping Zhang
Sodero Networks, Inc
2014-05-14 13:30-14:30 FIT 1-222
341 SNC Seminar:Towards a new cloud infrastructure with software defined and optical Prof. Wei Xu
Tsinghua University
2014-05-12 13:30-15:30 FIT 1-222
340 SNC Seminar: Improving Power Performance of Smartphones Dr. Yunxin Liu
Microsoft Research Asia
2014-04-25 14:00-15:00 FIT 1-222