Yongxi Cheng
Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

Address: Room 4-609, FIT Building, Tsinghua University
Tel: 86-10-62797304 86-10-62783817 Ext.1642

Education Background:   

  Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2004-present
  B.S. in PhysITCS, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 2004



Yongxi Cheng and Ding-Zhu Du, New constructions of one and two stage pooling designs, to appear in Journal of Computational Biology


Yongxi Cheng,  A New Class of Antimagic Cartesian Product Graphs, to appear in  Discrete mathematics


Yongxi Cheng, Ker-I Ko, and Weili Wu, On the complexity of non-unique probe selection, to appear in Theoretical Computer Science


Yongxi Cheng and Ding-Zhu Du, Efficient Constructions of Disjunct Matrices with Applications to DNA Library Screening,  Journal of Computational Biology  14 (9),  1208-1216, 2007


Yongxi Cheng, On Generating Combinations by Three Basic Operations, Journal of Computer Science and Technology 22  (6), 909-913, 2007


Yongxi Cheng,  Lattice grids and Prisms are Antimagic, Theoretical Computer Science 374, 66-73, 2007


Yongxi Cheng, Xiaoming Sun, and Yiqun L. Yin,  Searching Monotone Multi-dimensional Arrays, to appear in Discrete mathematics


Yongxi Cheng, Xi Chen and Yiqun L. Yin, On Searching a Table Consistent with Division Poset, Theoretical Computer Science 370,  240-253, 2007

9 Yanhong A. Liu, Chen Wang, Michael Gorbovitski, Tom Rothamel, Yongxi Cheng, Yingchao Zhao, Jing Zhang, Core role-based access control: efficient implementations by transformations. PEPM 2006: 112-120