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CETV and Beijing News Cover Yao Class

April 01,2011


Reporters from China Education Television (CETV) and Beijing News joined Yao Class on March 31 to prepare a special feature for Tsinghua University centenary anniversary.

Tsinghua Xuetang Special Pilot CS Class (Yao Class) was founded by Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, world-leading computer scientist in 2005 with a view to nurture promising undergraduate students in the field of computer science, who are to become top talents like students from MIT, Stanford and other prestigious universities. Yao Class has set up a model for cultivating innovative talents in accordance with their aptitude and developed an extensive international teaching program. It promotes progressive education as first two years focus on basic knowledge in computer science while third and fourth years featuring in two research areas namely “theory and security” and “system and application”.

Its distinctive talent cultivation model has been highly acknowledged and strongly supported. Hong Kong Cable TV, CCTV, NBC and Phoenix TV have made special features on the progressive model of Yao Class which has been highly promoted by the Ministry of Education in implementing the policy of innovative talent cultivation.

Prof. Yao is giving a lecture.

Prof. Yao is discussing with students.

Yao Class students discuss during the break.

Some Yao Class students shared their ideas on the innovative program with the reporters. Yi Wu from Yao Class Grade 2000 says that homework assignments from Yao Class faculty are always interesting though difficult. Students often hold group discussions to solve problems together, during which they’re able to develop their independent thinking and team spirit.

It is noted that under the program, the most potential and promising students will join a pre-graduate class for individual cultivation. These pre-graduate students take part in research projects at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences with individual supervision. Among them, Zhaoquan Gu from Yao Class Grade 2007 was recommended to join IIIS graduate program and now is a member of WSN Research Group at the Institute. He believes that Yao Class program focuses on the development of students’ interests who are always ready to take the initiatives.    

Prof. Yao is interviewed by CETV.

Prof. Yao talks to Beijing News reporter.

At the interview, Prof. Yao introduces the three innovative features of Yao Class program, namely teaching materials that aim to lay a solid foundation in CS for students, teaching methods that stimulate students in-depth thinking and open choice of research areas.