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Relax with Singing on Boys' Day

November 12,2008

12th Nov. is the annual Boys' Day in Tsinghua. Students in CS 80 Class organized various exceptional activities, and spent an interesting and interesting day together.

Since this is the first Boys' Day for them after entering Tsinghua, students have looked forward to this special day for a long time. With the dedication by four girls, almost 20 students spent a memorable day in Melody KTV, and every boy received gifts from girls.


Students had a closer contact while singing in KTV. Usually they only met in classroom while they had little time to talk. But the easy and happy atmosphere in KTV provided a relaxed environment for them to get to know each other. Students also released their pressure from heavy learning task temporarily.


Students have many sentiments to this Boys' Day. Yi Yang said: "this is the first Boys' Day I have in Tsinghua. It is so fantastic. The tempo in Tsinghua usually is very fast and busy, while this festival can let us relax and have fun." Linyun Yu also said: "I felt surprised at the first time when I know we shall have a Boys’ Day, but then I feel very excited. Although we only have few girls in the class, but they did a great job, and arranged a wonderful day for us. I feel very happy on this day."


This activity is sponsored by ITCS from organization and finance, as well as every detail.

After the Boys' Day, students from CS 80 Class will devote into study again, but they all agree this kind of activity should be held often to enhance the friendship and enrich their life after class to make CS 80 a more united class.