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IIIS Alumni Groups

August 19,2020

IIIS Baseball Group

The baseball team of IIIS is founded in the year of 2018. Initially led by members with university-level competence from the class of 2020 and international students. The team has been holding weekly training sessions. A system encompassing entry-level tutoring, specialized training of baseball techniques as well as pre-match training has been established as a result. The team participated in the annual university tournaments in autumns of 2018 and 19, winning the 6th place in the latter campaign. The goal and hope of the team is to popularize baseball and to pass on the passion and happiness of the sport through attracting new members, training and competition. 


IIIS Tennis Group

The tennis club was established in 2020. Regular activities are held every week and training activites are held for everyone to communicate. The tennis club is a warm place and every holiday the club holds celebrations as scheduled. 

IIIS Football Group

The foundation of IIIS football team can be dated back to the early years of the institute. Our team is like a big family, consisting of undergraduates, graduates, teachers and alumni. We hold regular training activities every week, and actively organize friendly games against teams of other departments, in the hope of improving our skills both in and off competition fields. In the annual “Ma Yuehan’s Cup” Sports League, as an ambitious participant pursuing continuous progresses in results and rankings, our team always take best efforts to prepare for all competitions, which in turn provide precious opportunities for polishing our skills and promoting our sportsmanship. Unofficial games are also held within the team by active members, in order to create better atmosphere within the team and providing members with more exercising and entertainment opportunities. We sincerely welcome all students and teachers with great passion for football to join our team.


IIIS Badminton​ Group

IIIS Badminton Club is an open and active sports club. Since badminton is a well-received sports in China, the club aim to provide a platform to develop our interest and sharpen the skills. There are currently more than 200 members in our club, ranging from skilled player to badminton beginners. Through weekly activity and irregularly held competitions, you can enjoy the charm of badminton, or challenge yourself with your friends.

IIIS Table Tennis​ Group

IIIS Table Tennis Federation(IITTF), founded in Sept, 2018 by students in Yao class, creates a platform for members in IIIS who are interested in table tennis to communicate with each other and practice skills. Supported by table tennis lovers, our federation has 79 members up till present and over 40 activities have been held by IITTF and cooperative clubs. Though young, during the first year of foundation, a friendly match, which is highly praised by table tennis lovers, had been held with Ubiquant Company.  In the new year, IITTF will continuously promote the communication between table tennis players inside and outside IIIS.


IIIS Bsaktball Group

The the members of club are mainly players in the basketball team. The purpose of the club is to bring together the students,alumni  who are interested in basketball in IIIS to play together and train together. Not only can they improve their skills in the training and play a team style, but they can also establish a deep friendship with each other and enjoy the joy of basketball. Every week, the club will have a 3-hour training, which mainly includes basketball tactics and athletic games. Not only members of the club will conduct the training, but also all students who are interested in basketball are welcome to come and participate.