Lisha Huang
Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

Education Background:   

  I graduated from Tsinghua University (THU) in MathematITCS in 2002. After that, I began my PhD. study at THU in Computer Science.



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2 Xiaotie Deng, Li-Sha Huang: On Complexity of Market Equilibria with Maximum Social Welfare, Information Processing Letters, vol.97:4-11 (2006)
3 Li-Sha Huang: A Fixed Point Approach for the Computation of Market Equilibria. In the proceedings of WINE'05: 1013-1022
4 Li-Sha Huang: A Practical Algorithm for the Computation of Market Equilibrium with Logarithmic Utility Functions. In the proceedings of ISAAC'05, 463-472, 2005
5 Xiaotie Deng, Li-Sha Huang, Minming Li: On Walrasian Price of CPU Time. In the proceedings of COCOON'05: 586-595, 2005.
6 Li-Sha Huang, Minming Li, Bo Zhang: Approximation of Walrasian equilibrium in single-minded auctions. Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 337(1-3): 390-398 (2005).
7 Minming Li, Shawn L. Huang, Xiaoming Sun, Xiao Huang: Performance evaluation for energy efficient topologic control in ad hoc wireless networks. Theoretical Computer Science, vol. 326(1-3): 399-408 (2004).

Research Interests:

  My research interests include Game Theory, Mathematical Programming and Complexity Theory.