No. Title Speaker Time Venue
237 Computational Insights and the Theory of Evolution Christos Papadimitriou
University of California,Berkeley
2012-03-29-2012-03-29 Lecture Hall, FIT Building
236 The computational complexity of mathematical proofs Phuong Nguyen
University of Toronto
2012-03-12-2012-03-12 FIT 1-222
235 Exact and Approximate Shortest-Path Queries Christian Sommer
2012-03-14-2012-03-14 FIT 1-222
234 Building Efficient Wireless Medium Access with Flexible PHY Layer Technologies Xinyu Zhang
University of Michigan
2012-03-14-2012-03-14 FIT 1-222
233 Supporting Efficient and Effective Keyword Search: From Set Intersection to Taxo Bolin Ding
2012-03-08-2012-03-08 FIT 1-222
232 Optimal Control in Complex Networks Longbo Huang
University of California, Berkeley
2012-03-07-2012-03-07 FIT 1-222
231 Invigorating Console Logs: Logs as THE Debugging Tool for Large-scale Systems Wei Xu
2012-03-05-2012-03-05 FIT 1-222
230 Optimal Mechanism Design: Computation and Economics Pingzhong Tang
Carnegie Mellon University
2012-02-29-2012-02-29 FIT 1-222
229 The Approximability of NP-hard optimization problems Yi Wu
IBM Alamaden Research
2012-03-07-2012-03-07 FIT 1-222
228 Line Shapes in Modulation Transfer Spectroscopy and Electromagnetically Induced Heung-Ryoul Noh
Chonnam National University
2012-02-23-2012-02-23 FIT 1-222
227 Analytics for Detecting Web and Social Media Abuse Justin Ma
University of California at Berkeley
2012-03-01-2012-03-01 FIT 1-222
226 Fluctuation-induced switching and ideal mean-field transition in a modulated col Wonho Jhe
Seoul National University
2012-02-22-2012-02-22 FIT 1-222
225 Mini workshop on energy sensing Yongcai Wang, Lei Song, Ruichuang Cao,Zhiqi Yang
Tsinghua University
2012-01-07-2012-01-07 FIT 1-222
224 Logic, Graphs, and Complexity Yijia Chen
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2012-01-04-2012-01-04 FIT 1-222
223 Rademacher-Sketch: A Dimensionality-Reducing Embedding for Sum-Product Norms, wi Qin Zhang
Aarhus University, Denmark
2012-01-03-2012-01-03 FIT 1-222
222 Graphene Optoelectronics and Plasmonics Xiaodong Xu
University of Washington
2011-12-20-2011-12-20 FIT 1-222
221 The Art of Visual Modeling Ce Liu
Microsoft Research New England & MIT
2011-12-29-2011-12-29 FIT 1-222
220 The Power of Tabulation Hashing Mikkel Thorup
University of Copenhagen
2011-12-15-2011-12-15 FIT 1-222
219 Wireless Sensor Networks for Home Medical Care John A. Stankovic
University of Virginia
2011-12-01-2011-12-01 FIT 1-222
218 Quantum versus Classical Network Structure and Function Jacob Biamonte
National University of Singapore
2011-11-25-2011-11-25 FIT 1-222