No. Title Speaker Time Venue
210 Robustness and Optimization of Scrip Systems Joseph Halpern
Cornell University
2011-10-27-2011-10-27 Lecture Hall, FIT Building
209 CTIC Cryptography Research Talk: Oblivious RAM in the Standard Model Sigurd Meldgaard
Aarhus University
2011-10-24-2011-10-24 FIT 1-222
208 CTIC Cryptography Research Talk: Lower and Upper Bounds for Deniable Public-Key Peter Nordholt
Aarhus University
2011-10-24-2011-10-24 FIT 1-222
207 CTIC Cryptography Research Talk: Multiparty Computation from Somewhat Homomorphi Valerio Pastro
Aarhus University
2011-10-21-2011-10-21 FIT 1-222
206 CTIC Cryptography Research Talk: Leakage-Resilient Cryptography From the Inner-P Sebastian Faust
Aarhus University
2011-10-21-2011-10-21 FIT 1-222
205 CTIC Cryptography Research Talk: Superposition Attacks on Cryptographic Protocol Ivan Damgard
Aarhus University
2011-10-21-2011-10-21 FIT 1-222
204 Algorithms for (Realistic Models of) Wireless Networks Magnus M. Halldorsson
Reykjavik University
2011-10-13-2011-10-13 FIT 1-222
203 How wireless networks scale: Architecture and Capacity P. R. Kumar
Texas A&M University
2011-09-27-2011-09-27 FIT 1-222
202 An Introduction to Distributed Algorithms Roger Wattenhofer
ETH Zurich
2011-09-28-2011-09-28 FIT 1-222
201 Turing Lecture: Enabling a Sustainable Energy Infrastructure - a role for Inform David E. Culler
UC Berkeley
2011-09-29-2011-09-29 Lecture Hall, FIT Building
200 Limits on the Computational Power of Random Strings Eric Allender
Rutgers, the State University of NJ
2011-09-22-2011-09-22 FIT 1-222
199 Shortest paths among obstacles in the plane Haitao Wang
University of Notre Dame, USA
2011-09-19-2011-09-19 FIT 1-222
198 Network Coding Theory (Tutorial) Raymond Yeung
2011-09-16-2011-09-16 FIT 1-222
197 Randomized Algorithms for Discrete Load Balancing Thomas Sauerwald
Max-Planck Institut for Informatics, Germany
2011-09-16-2011-09-16 FIT 1-222
196 Low Randomness Rumor Spreading via Hashing He Sun
Max-Planck Institut for Informatics, Germany
2011-09-15-2011-09-15 FIT 1-222
195 Turing Lecture: New Challenges for Computer Science: Network Science and Network Jianping Wu
Tsinghua University
2011-08-28-2011-08-28 Lecture Hall, FIT Building
194 Recent advances in photonic quantum information processing Xiaosong Ma
The University of Vienna
2011-08-23-2011-08-23 FIT 1-222
193 Isotropic Landau levels of relativistic and non-relativistic fermions in 3D flat Yi Li
University of California, San Diego
2011-08-25-2011-08-25 FIT 1-222
192 Less Reality, More Security Artur Ekert
National University of Singapore
2011-08-30-2011-08-30 FIT 1-222
191 Quantum Criticality and Density Correlations in Two-Dimensional Quantum Gases Cheng Chin
University of Chicago, USA
2011-08-11-2011-08-11 FIT 1-222