No. Title Speaker Time Venue
157 Research on Quantum Computing and Information Processing Based on Diamond NV Cen Xinyu Pan
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2010-12-27-2010-12-27 FIT 1-203
156 Quantum Networking with Trapped Ions Dzmitry Matsukevich
National University of Singapore
2010-12-21-2010-12-21 FIT 1-222
155 Quantum Strategic Game Theory Shengyu Zhang
2010-12-16-2010-12-16 FIT 1-222
154 Solving Global Tasks with Local Information: Theory and Applications Thomas Moscibroda
Microsoft Research Redmond
2010-12-09-2010-12-09 FIT 1-222
153 k-means Converges Ravi Kannan
Microsoft Research Labs., India
2010-11-19-2010-11-19 FIT 1-222
152 Wireless Sensor Networks: A Few Research Problems and Applications Feng Zhao
Microsoft Research Asia
2010-12-02-2010-12-02 FIT 1-222
151 Aspects of Distributed Systems – from Information-Based Control to Protocol Sequ Wong Wing Shing
2010-11-03-2010-11-03 FIT 4-603
150 Lower Bounds for the Independent Set Problem in the Semi-streaming Model Mario Szegedy
Rutgers University
2010-10-12-2010-10-12 FIT 1-222
149 Improving the Price of Anarchy for Selfish Routing via Coordination Mechanisms Kurt Mehlhorn
Saarland University
2010-10-22-2010-10-22 FIT 4-603
148 Moser and Tardos meet Lovasz Mario Szegedy
Rutgers University
2010-10-14-2010-10-14 FIT 1-222
147 Communication Complexity and Applications Joshua Brody
Tsinghua University
2010-09-30-2010-09-30 FIT 1-222
146 Applications of Shellable Complexes to Distributed Computing Maurice Herlihy
Brown University
2010-09-30-2010-09-30 FIT 1-222
145 Constructing Optimal Restricted Phylogenetic Network for a Set of Binary Trees David Zhang
The University of Hong Kong
2010-08-20-2010-08-20 FIT 1-222
144 Improved Guarantees for Agnostic Learning of Disjunctions Avrim Blum
Carnegie Mellon University
2010-07-01-2010-07-01 FIT 1-222
143 A Lower Bound for Cooperative Broadcast in the Presence of Noise Michael Saks
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
2010-06-24-2010-06-24 FIT 1-222
142 Mobile Social Networking without Big Brother Monica Lam
Stanford University
2010-06-10-2010-06-10 FIT 4-603
141 The Mathematical Theory of Resource Allocation in Communication Networks: Part I Edmund Yeh
Yale University, USA
2005-11-01-2005-11-01 FIT 1-204
140 The Mathematical Theory of Resource Allocation in Communication Networks: Part I Edmund Yeh
Yale University, USA
2005-11-23-2005-11-23 FIT-1-204
139 MEET THE MASTER—Prof John Hopcroft, Turing Winner John Hopcroft
Cornell University
2005-11-18-2005-11-18 FIT-1-222
138 Quadratic Lower Bounds on Matrix Rigidity Satya Lokam
Microsoft Research
2005-11-16-2005-11-16 FIT-1-222