No. Title Speaker Time Venue
150 Lower Bounds for the Independent Set Problem in the Semi-streaming Model Mario Szegedy
Rutgers University
2010-10-12-2010-10-12 FIT 1-222
149 Improving the Price of Anarchy for Selfish Routing via Coordination Mechanisms Kurt Mehlhorn
Saarland University
2010-10-22-2010-10-22 FIT 4-603
148 Moser and Tardos meet Lovasz Mario Szegedy
Rutgers University
2010-10-14-2010-10-14 FIT 1-222
147 Communication Complexity and Applications Joshua Brody
Tsinghua University
2010-09-30-2010-09-30 FIT 1-222
146 Applications of Shellable Complexes to Distributed Computing Maurice Herlihy
Brown University
2010-09-30-2010-09-30 FIT 1-222
145 Constructing Optimal Restricted Phylogenetic Network for a Set of Binary Trees David Zhang
The University of Hong Kong
2010-08-20-2010-08-20 FIT 1-222
144 Improved Guarantees for Agnostic Learning of Disjunctions Avrim Blum
Carnegie Mellon University
2010-07-01-2010-07-01 FIT 1-222
143 A Lower Bound for Cooperative Broadcast in the Presence of Noise Michael Saks
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
2010-06-24-2010-06-24 FIT 1-222
142 Mobile Social Networking without Big Brother Monica Lam
Stanford University
2010-06-10-2010-06-10 FIT 4-603
141 The Mathematical Theory of Resource Allocation in Communication Networks: Part I Edmund Yeh
Yale University, USA
2005-11-01-2005-11-01 FIT 1-204
140 The Mathematical Theory of Resource Allocation in Communication Networks: Part I Edmund Yeh
Yale University, USA
2005-11-23-2005-11-23 FIT-1-204
139 MEET THE MASTER—Prof John Hopcroft, Turing Winner John Hopcroft
Cornell University
2005-11-18-2005-11-18 FIT-1-222
138 Quadratic Lower Bounds on Matrix Rigidity Satya Lokam
Microsoft Research
2005-11-16-2005-11-16 FIT-1-222
137 Advanced Topic in Computational Molecular Genomics Michael Q. Zhang
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA
2005-11-04-2005-11-29 FIT-1-101
136 Research in Voting Systems Ronald L. Rivest
2005-10-19-2005-10-19 FIT-2-201, Tsinghua University
135 Rigorous Bounds on Cryptanalytic Time/Memory Tradeoffs Adi Shamir
Weizmann Institute of Science
2006-12-14-2006-12-14 FIT-1-222
134 Solving Huge Systems of Linear Equations Adi Shamir
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
2006-12-14-2006-12-14 Teaching Building 6A-017
133 Spanners and emulators with sublinear distance errors Uri Zwick
Tel Aviv University
2005-09-20-2005-09-20 FIT-1-222
132 Union-find with deletions Uri Zwick
Tel Aviv University
2005-09-19-2005-09-19 FIT-1-222
131 Four All-Pairs Shortest Paths algorithms Uri Zwick
Tel Aviv University
2004-12-23-2004-12-23 FIT-1-222