Discipline Development

IIIS is devoted to research and education of computer science and physics.


1.    Computer Science and Technology

Since 2005, the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) headed by Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao at Tsinghua University has been engaged in the research and education of computer science and its interaction with mathematics, physics and economics. It aims to become one of the leading research centers on theoretical computer science in the world and to build up a super road for the research and education of computer science in China. It focuses on following research areas:

Theoretical Computer Science, including Computational and Communication Complexity, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Theory of Computation, Quantum Computing, Computational Logic and Computational Geometry.


Cyber Security,  including Computing Information Theory and Cyber Security, Cryptography, Cryptographic Theory and Protocols, Data Security, System Security and Network Security.


Network Science,  including Computer Networks and Algorithm, Wireless Sensor Network, Complex Network, Social Network, Financial Network, Smart Grid, Network Optimization and modeling of and theoretical research on various complex systems (including financial and social systems).


Its Tsinghua Xuetang Special Pilot CS Class (Yao Class) aims to nurture promising undergraduate students in the field of computer science. IIIS welcomes aspiring young students who are interested in computer science to join the graduate program. It also recruits postdoctoral research fellows in above areas.  


2.    Physics


Led by Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, CQI aims to develop a world-class platform for the teaching and research of physics. It focuses on the cutting-edge areas in quantum information including Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication, Quantum Network, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Simulation, Quantum Measurement and Many-body Theory.


It welcomes students to join the graduate program and offers postdoc positions.


For more information on admissions and recruitment, please visit: http://iiis.tsinghua.edu.cn/en/list-313-1.html