Pei Zeng
Ph.D Candidate
Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences

A 4th year Ph.D candidate from Prof. Xiongfeng Ma's Group.

Research interests:

I. To understand quantum system: 1) resource theory, especially channel resource theory; 2) (future) entanglement dynamics in a many-body system.

II. To build quantum system: 1) robust and efficient benchmarking/entanglement detection method of quantum devices; 2) photonic hardware to realize quantum information processing (GKP-code + CV gates).

III. To use quantum system: 1) secure and high-performance quantum key distribution; 2) (future) analog quantum simulation.



[1] Xiongfeng Ma, Pei Zeng, and Hongyi Zhou. "Phase-Matching Quantum Key Distribution." Physical Review X 8.3(2018).

[2] Hongyi Zhou, Pei Zeng, Mohsen Razavi and Xiongfeng Ma. "Randomness quantification of coherent detection." Physical Review A. 98.042321(2018).