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Global Quantum Communication Network and Future Aspects

Speaker: Yu-Ao Chen University of Science and Technology of China
Time: 2023-04-28 16:00-2023-04-28 17:00
Venue: FIT 1-315


Quantum information science and technology enables informational secure quantum cryptography (quantum communication). This presentation will highlight a few of our progress towards the ultimate goal of global quantum communication. We have established a trustful-relay based Backbone connecting Beijing to Shanghai passing through Jinan and Hefei, four metropolitan networks, over 2000-km fiber links. Currently real-world applications by banks, securities and insurance companies are on trial. Another complementing route is to attain global quantum communication based on satellite. We have spent the past decade in performing systematic ground tests for satellite-based quantum communications. Our efforts finally ensure a successful launch of the Micius satellite. Future Prospects include building a global quantum communication infrastructure with satellite and fiber networks, enormous spatial resolution and global precise timing information sharing networks with applications for the global quantum communication network, ultra-precise optical clocks in outer space to detect gravitational wave signal with lower frequency, and Bell-test experiment with human-observer at a distance on the order of one light-second.

Short Bio:

陈宇翱,中国科学技术大学教授、物理学院执行院长、美国光学学会会士(Optica Fellow),物理学会会士(APS Fellow)。长期从事量子物理基础实验研究,致力发展光与冷原子量子调控技术并系统地应用于量子通信、量子计算和精密测量等多个量子信息研究方向,取得了一系列重要研究成果,并获得广泛的关注。作为项目工程总师,陈宇翱教授和同事们一起完成了国家发改委量子保密通信京沪干线工程,结合量子科学实验卫星,实现了目前世界上空间尺度最大、规模最大的星地广域量子通信网络。主持和参与的研究成果多次入选英国物理学会美国物理学会的年度亮点,多次入选两院院士评选的"年度中国科技十大进展新闻"。获欧洲物理学会菲涅尔奖,中国科学院"青年科学家奖",求是杰出青年学者奖,国家自然科学一等奖(第三完成人),陈嘉庚青年科学家奖,国家杰出青年科学基金,国际纯粹与应用物理联合会原子分子物理分会青年科学家奖,科学探索奖。