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Error Mitigation at the Gate and the Circuit Level in a Trapped-ion Quantum Computer

Speaker: 汪野 合肥国家实验室
Time: 2023-05-08 15:30-2023-05-08 17:00
Venue: FIT 1-222


Quantum computing is expected to deliver exponential speedup over classical computing on various computational tasks such as quantum simulation, number factoring, and solving linear systems of equations.  But practical implementations of these quantum algorithms demand near-perfect qubit operations. This talk will introduce my previous work at Duke Quantum Center (DQC) to mitigate errors in trapped-ion systems at both gate and circuit levels.  Topics include the demonstration of high-fidelity entangling gates in an ion chain, filter-function-optimized robust entangling gates, hidden-inverse error mitigation in quantum circuits, and crosstalk suppression with local controls. I will also briefly introduce the compact cryogenic system and the compact room-temperature system developed at DQC. These efforts allow us to identify key hardware upgrades and push the system to reach the quantum advantage and fault-tolerant quantum computing requirement.

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