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Scientific innovations in the age of generative AI

Speaker: James Zou Stanford University
Time: 2024-04-29 15:30-2024-04-29 17:00
Venue: FIT 1-312


This talk will explore how we can develop and use generative AI to help researchers and clinicians to enable scientific innovations. I will first discuss how we use AI to generate recipes for making and validating new drugs. Then I will present how we developed visual-language AI to help clinicians interpret histology images. Finally, I will discuss how we use large language models (LLM) to help all of us to write better papers. I will also discuss perspectives on what’s on the new horizon for generative AI.   

Short Bio:

James Zou is an associate professor of Biomedical Data Science, CS and EE at Stanford University. He is also the faculty director of Stanford AI4Health. He works on both improving the foundations of ML–-by making models more trustworthy and reliable–-as well as in-depth scientific and clinical applications. Many of his innovations are widely used in tech and biotech industries.  He has received a Sloan Fellowship, an NSF CAREER Award, two Chan-Zuckerberg Investigator Awards, a Top Ten Clinical Achievement Award, several best paper awards, and faculty awards from Google, Amazon, Tencent and Adobe. His research has also been profiled in popular press including the NY Times, WSJ, and WIRED.