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Enjoying in the field and having fun in the forest

June 08,2008

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China, and on this day, it was a fine day. After one-week preparation, students and teachers from ITCS, altogether 21 persons, went to enjoy this trip. The purpose of this activity is to help students to relax and enhance the communication and understanding among students and teachers.

After one-hour trip, they arrived at the Hua Bao Village.


After a short-time rest, they entered the cherry garden and began to pick fruits, having fun of labor and harvest.


See our results----the red ones are ripe and the yellow ones are big


Academic discussion in the field----why does the flag has five stars?


 Lunch break is to accumulate energy for fighting this afternoon. Fishing, Billiards…

Fisherman and fish?


Student VS teacher


After half an hour’s break, they begin to set out and gather in the forest. Here, divided into two teams, they wear the same clothes, go across the forest and experience wars, keeping team spirit in mind.

All members of God’s Team


All members of Bloody Murderer


Set strategy before fight


The war begins…


God’s team says: “To eliminate the enemy, we need to beat the interpreter down first…”


The friendship during the war has no boundary


Our heroine



At five this afternoon, the war ends.


The sun sets down, and they come back with fun.

The students relaxed themselves and experienced the happiness during fruit picking. They kept team spirit in their minds during the war.