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Spring Outing of Tsinghua University Special Pilot CS Class in 2008

April 04,2008

On Apr. 4, all students of Pilot CS Class (from year 2004 to 2007) and some of the ITCS faculty and staff made their way at 8:30 by school bus to a scenic spot Huanghuacheng, Huairou District for their long-waited and well-prepared spring outing. It was the first spring outing that all students participated since the establishment of the CS class.


Picture 1: Blossom in the mountain.

The traffic was busy, but nobody minded. The three hours on the bus was full of students’ laughter and songs. They managed to arrive before lunchtime. After satisfying their stomach, students and teachers began their adventures.

At Huanghuacheng, students were enchanted with the blue sky, white clouds, fragrance of flowers and pleasant smell of trees. At the foot of Water Great Wall, on the boats, and on the beach, students left their footprints and laughter, and took away sweet memories from there.

春游 037


Picture 2: Students in the boat.

In sharp contrast to the delicate flowers, the Huanghuacheng Great Wall was impregnably strong, as if it was waiting the students to conquer it. The pleasure of conquering the Great Wall just resembled that of solving a math problem. On top of the mountain, the students shouted and laughed, with brimming joy and pride. After that, they made their way back to university with the sun setting behind them.

DSC00162春游 150

春游 142

Picture 3: Happy together.

In the day away from work and urban hustle and bustle, they really enjoyed the time spent by all students of the four years. It was a good opportunity for students to know each other better and to enhance their friendship. Freshmen and sophomores said they learnt a great deal from the juniors and seniors, and they were grateful for the care and love from the Institute. They looked forward to more such activities that could bring all family members of ITCS together.


Picture 4: Group Photo.