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A Touching Boys' Day in Pilot CS 70 Class

November 12,2008

12:00am on 12th November, a patch of candles lighted between ZJ1# Building and ZJ2# Building. This is the surprise made by Yuan Du, the only girl in Pilot CS 70 Class, to celebrate the Boys’ Day for all the boys in CS 70 Class. The class belle’s yell of “Happy Boys’ Day to Tsinghua boys! Happy Boys’ Day to Boys in CS Department!” overwhelmed every boy in CS 70 Class by this affecting surprise.


Besides of this midnight blessing, students in CS 70 Class had a group dinner. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. At the end of the dinner, the class belle gave a rose to each boy with her best wishes.

On Nov 14th, all the students gathered in Room 629. They played games, ate cake, and got their gifts happily. Every boy was moved by the delicately trimmed room and piles of snacks by the class belle. They enjoyed the happy festival atmosphere and passion of youth together. This special Boys’ Day spent at “home” brought extraordinary warmth to these Sophomores.





 “Thanks for the arrangement by the class belle and class cadres. Thanks for the auspice by ITCS! We had a really wonderful Boys’ Day!” this is the innermost feeling of all boys from CS 70Class after this happy Boys’ Day.