Group:Theory Lunch
Title: Vehicle-Aggregator Interaction Game, Learning Boolean Functions via the Fourier
Speaker: Chenye Wu, Wen Yuan University
Time: 2010-11-18 12:00-2010-11-18 13:30
Venue: FIT 1-222


Title: Vehicle-Aggregator Interaction Game



In this talk, I will present a game between electric vehicles (EVs) and the aggregator (who coordinates all the EVs and negotiate with the grid) in the field of smart grid and some research directions.


There is a growing interest in using the storage capacity of PHEVs in the electric grid in order to inject the power back to the grid whenever it is needed, e.g., when there is a shortage in generation capacity at some regions. The idea is simple, users charge their batteries at “off-peak” hours when the electricity is cheap and later they sell the electricity back to the grid at “peak” hours, when the electricity is more valuable and actually more expensive!


However, from what I see there is still no concrete idea on how such a market is supposed to work in practice and how the users and the grid are supposed to interact. Therefore, we are modeling this game and designing the mechanism.


Title: Learning Boolean Functions via the Fourier Transform



In this talk I will show how to learn Boolean functions using Fourier Transform representation. I will introduce the learning model and some properties of the Fourier basis. I will also introduce the Low Degree Algorithm which approximates an (\alpha, d)-degree Boolean function.