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Prof. Yao Sends Message to Tsinghua University upon its Centenary Anniversary

November 25,2010


November 24, Mr. Chuan Qin, Director of Tsinghua University Television paid a visit to ITCS and carried out an interview with Academician Prof. Andrew Yao upon the centenary celebration of Tsinghua University.

Prof. Yao sends a message to Tsinghua University upon its centenary anniversary

“As heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection,” Prof. Yao summarized his understanding of Tsinghua spirits with its motto. He also extended his best wishes for Tsinghua and expected it to make greater contributions both to China and the world while carrying on its previous achievement. Talking about his hope for Tsinghua students, he believed that they are highly talented and would seize current opportunities to accomplish more.

In the interview, Prof. Yao shared his experience in teaching and research. He also elaborated some quantum computer problem with real-life examples as he usually does in lectures to Yao Class students.   

Prof. Yao at the interview

Mr. Qin and his colleagues toured ITCS lab after the interview. Prof. Yao showed them some research facilities and introduced the upcoming 973 Program Guiding Project “Genuine Quantum Network”.

Prof. Yao discusses with students at the lab

Visitors were greatly impressed by what has been achieved by Prof. Yao. Six years have passed since he left Princeton to become a Professor of Computer Science at Tsinghua University. He created the unique and dynamic Institute, built up an excellent undergraduate program and opened a new line of inquiry within computer science and quantum informatics. These have gone beyond his expectations but well-conceived in the “China Computer Science 2020 Plan”. “Prof. Yao is no wonder a leading figure among returned overseas Chinese,” they said at the end of the visit.