Group:Theory Lunch
Title: Testing Boolean Function Isomorphism with Negations, Particle Swarm Optimization
Speaker: Chenggang Wu, Bo Zheng University
Time: 2010-12-02 12:00-2010-12-02 13:30
Venue: FIT 1-222


Title: Testing Boolean Function Isomorphism with Negations

In this talk, first I will introduce some basic conceptions in property testing. Then I will focus on the boolean function isomorphism with negation problems. The boolean function isomorphism problem was first studied in by Eric Blais and Ryan O'Donnell in a CCC10 paper and later on Noga Alon and Eric Blais delivered a paper to RANDOM10, they gave an \Omega{n} lower bound for testing isomorphism to a spesific boolean function. Here we consider an variation of the original isomorphism problem,i.e, isomorphism with negations. I will give definition for both of the problems. Then I will show an \Omega{n} lower bound for testing isomorphic with negations to a specific function $g$ for almost all boolean function $g$, which is very similar to the proof in AB10 paper, but a little simpler.

Title: Particle Swarm Optimization in Quantum Multidimensional Space

In my talk, inspired by the analysis of convergence of PSO, we introduce the individual particle of a PSO system moving in a quantum multi-dimensional space and establish a quantum Delta potential well model for PSO.


After that, a trial method of parameter control and QDPSO is proposed.

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