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Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao sent words to the special pilot CS class: keeping "the

September 19,2008

On the evening of Sep. 18th, four classes from the special pilot CS class including the 2008 freshmen had a special class meeting together in the Lecture Hall, FIT Building. The founder of Special Pilot CS Class, winner of A. M. Turing Award Academician Andrew Chi-Chih Yao introduced the running principles of Special Pilot CS Class, and sent words to all the teachers and students, especially to the freshmen: keeping “the original ideal” at all times. He said that, students could receive better education in Special Pilot CS Class than any other place in the world through some special plans, “we Chinese people are able to do that!”



Academician Yao sent words to the Special Pilot CS Class

In 2006, Tsinghua University Special Pilot CS Class was founded by Prof. Yao, cooperating with Microsoft Research Asia. With the great support by Tsinghua University, Special Pilot CS Class designed a series of distinctive core courses, aiming to initiate the first-rate knowledge, and nurture the first-rate graduates to the world. Benefiting from the efforts made in the past four years, the students had made outstanding achievements in academy, and the Special Pilot CS Class also accumulated unique experience.


Students from Special Pilot CS Class

The Vice President of Tsinghua University Prof. Xu Chen also attended the class meeting and gave a speech. She said, Tsinghua University Special Pilot CS Class was one special pilot class in computer science area founded after the pilot class in mathematics and physics, and the pilot class in the humanities and social science, and it was also one of the modes for the school explore on nurturing excellent topnotch creative students. Tsinghua university had very high expectations on Special Pilot CS Class. As the founder of Special Pilot CS Class, the winner of A. M. Turing Award, Prof. Yao devoted himself into the cultivation of students and made painstaking efforts. She hoped that students could cherish the learning opportunity, devote themselves to the cutting edge of science, love and pursuit science like Prof. Yao, and contribute to future development of computer science, without letting the school, parents and the society down.


Prof. Baining Guo accepted letters of appointment on behalf of the researchers and senior managers of MSR ASIA

In the class meeting scene, the adjunct professor appointed ceremony was also held. The Vice Director of MSR ASIA, jointly appointed Prof. Baining Guo accepted the letters of appointment from Pres. Xu Chen on behalf of three researchers and senior managers of MSR ASIA. Researcher Wei Chen was appointed as adjunct professor, and Researcher Yongguang Zhang, Dr. Xin Zou were appointed as adjunct teachers. Pres. Xu Chen expressed thanks to MSR ASIA for the support to the university and Special Pilot CS Class on behalf of Tsinghua University. She also hoped that adjunct teachers could initiate the cutting edge knowledge and precious life experience to the students.

Prof. Baining Guo said, Tsinghua University Special Pilot CS Class led by Prof. Yao was highly valued in recent years. The selective students had very strong capacity after special trainings in Special Pilot CS Class.

Prof. Hui Wang, the Vice Director of School of Information Science and Technology, the head-teacher of Special Pilot CS Class 2005, talked freely on her feelings about teaching and learning. The students also communicated with the teachers and guests on topics of interest.

Ms. Luolan Song, the Vice Director of MSR ASIA, Manager of MSR ASIA University Relations, and the head of Tsinghua University Personnel Division also attended the class meeting.