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CTW 2007 Closes Successfully

September 21,2007

On September 20th, 2007, CTW 2007 closes successfully after four days of activity. At 5:00 pm, Room 4-603 in FIT Building was filled with laughter and joy. Professor Yao hosted the closing ceremony. Participants from different countries all thought highly of this workshop. A few of them came forward with their own suggestions and advice for next year.
At 16:00 pm on September 16th, faculty and students of ITCS greeted the participants at Wenjin International Hotel. On their way to FIT Building, they introduced the scenery of Tsinghua University and current development of ITCS to these participants. Meanwhile, in the lobby of the FIT Building, faculty and students of ITCS were helping participants register: handling air tickets, handing out material packages, showing them the way to the conference room and so on. They worked till that evening but everyone was excited.
At 8:50 am, on September 17th, Professor Yao gave short but formal opening remarks. During these four days, all the participants had great interactions with one another. They expressed and exchanged their academic ideas. The excitement from these events brought non-stop applause.
On the morning of September 20th, 1993 Tuning Award Winner Professor Juris Hartmanis gave a public lecture in the Lecture Hall, which attracted a large audience, including some from Google and Microsoft. There were no empty seats on that day.
On the evening of September 20th, we had a banquet dinner with all the participants in Quanjude Restaurant. The food was highly praised and everyone was entertained.
On September 21st, there was a one-day tour for participants----a trip to the Mutianyu Great Wall and the Forbidden City. The participants had a taste of traditional Chinese culture as well as an exchange of academic ideas.
CTW 2007 promotes the development of theoretical computer science and has a profound impact on boosting academic exchange and widening the horizons of ITCS students. Many participants said that they hoped to come next year to take part in CTW 2008!