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China Theory Week 2009

September 22,2009


Based on the success of China Theory Week 2007 and China Theory Week 2008, China Theory Week 2009 began at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) at Tsinghua University on September 21. Nearly 100 researchers and students attended the week-long meeting where thirty talented graduate students of this subject from such eminent universities as MIT, Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, Cornell University, the University of Waterloo, and Tsinghua presented the findings of their latest research.


The workshop provided an international forum for graduate students in theoretical computer science to meet and exchange research ideas. The presentations in the workshop also served as a useful indicator pointing to the current state of exciting developments in the field and where they may lead down the road.
Tsinghua University’s Turing Award winner, Professor Andrew Chi-chih Yao, delivered the welcoming address at the opening session of the forum.


Four distinguished scientists in the field, Professor Peter Bro Miltersen from Aarhus University, Professor Ian Munro from the University of Waterloo, Professor Toniann Pitassi from the University of Toronto, and Professor Uri Zwick from Tel Aviv University, also gave keynote lectures.
"It is really a good idea to hold such a meeting," said Professor Munro. "It provides an opportunity for top students to get to know and interact with each other for an entire week. Their relationships will continue for years to come."
Professor Zwick is a member of Tsinghua’s Chair Professor Group. It is the second time he has participated in such an event. "This meeting provides the students a good chance for personal contact. It is a unique experience," he remarked.


The ITCS is a new institute headed by Professor Yao at Tsinghua University. Its mission is to nurture and develop the talents of students and researchers and to create knowledge to support advances in computer science. It also aims to become one of the leading theoretical computer science research centers in the world. The Institute already has an elite group of graduate students and enjoys frequent visits all year round from world-renowned scientists. With a vibrant research environment and an impressive research output, the ITCS provides an ideal setting for fruitful interaction and collaboration among its members.