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Long-Lived Solid-State Room-Temperature Quantum Memory

Speaker: Jiang Liang Caltech
Time: 2011-07-26 10:00-2011-07-26 11:00
Venue: FIT 1-222


One of the major obstacles in quantum information technology is to prevent a quantum bit (qubit) from dephasing, while still being able to reliably manipulate and readout the qubit. In the talk, I will show recent results towards the realization of a room temperature quantum register that maintains its quantum mechanical nature for almost one second while still allowing for reliable qubit manipulation and high fidelity readout. To achieve this, we utilize a quantum register consisting of an electronic ancilla spin and a proximal nuclear memory spin; the register is associated with single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect centers in diamond. The realization of a solid state quantum memory with long coherence times at room temperature opens up new possibilities for applications of quantum information systems.

Short Bio:

Liang Jiang is currently a Sherman Fairchild prize postdoctoral fellow in Theoretical Physics and working in the Institute for Quantum Information (IQI) at Caltech. He was a member of the Lukin Group in the Department of Physics at Harvard University.
His research area is quantum technology, quantum information science, and atomic molecular and optical (AMO) physics. He studies the diamond, in particular the spin coherence properties associated with the diamond color centers, which can be used to build nano-magnetometer and store quantum information. He is also interested in distributed quantum computation, topological quantum computation, and long distance quantum communication.