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IIIS Holds Fall Semester 2011 Opening Ceremony and Turing Lecture

August 29,2011


IIIS Fall Semester 2011 Opening Ceremony and Turing Lecture took place at the Lecture Hall, FIT Building on August 28. Prof. Si Yuan, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Academician Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Dean of IIIS, Prof. Yuanyuan Duan, Director of Academic Affairs Office, Prof. Yigong Shi, Dean of School of Life Sciences and Prof. Jie Xiao, Dean of Department of Mathematical Sciences attended the ceremony. Prof. Jianping Wu, Dean of Department of Computer Science and Technology gave the first Turing Lecture following the ceremony, which was hosted by IIIS Deputy Dean Prof. Amy Yuexuan Wang. IIIS faculty, postdoctoral research fellows, students from Special Pilot CS Class (Yao Class) and graduate students also joined the event.

Vice President Yuan remarks at the ceremony.

Prof. Andrew Yao remarks at the ceremony.

In his welcome address, Dean Prof. Yao said that the innovative, international and interdisciplinary development plan of Tsinghua University is same to the goals of IIIS in nurturing talents. The Institute is devoted to the interaction of computer science, mathematics and life sciences and looks forward to a more expansive collaboration in the future. Prof. Yao also emphasized that Tsinghua will soon develop into a world-class university and “we’ll succeed” with all the incomparable advantages, such as the strategic role of science in China, the focus on talent cultivation, outstanding scholars, top students and excellent staff.

Prof. Amy Wang hosts the ceremony.

Vice President Yuan extended his congratulations on behalf of the university and a warm welcome to all freshmen. He said that the future of nurturing top innovative talents in China’s higher education lies with young students as well as institutes like IIIS. Vice President Yuan also paid tribute to Prof. Yao for his efforts and devotion in past seven years in the academic development and talent cultivation at Tsinghua. He wished that IIIS students would stick to the university motto “Self-discipline and Social Commitment” and grow into leading runners.   

Prof. Shi, Prof. Xiao and Prof. Duan remark at the ceremony.


Other distinguished guests also addressed at the ceremony. Prof. Shi introduced the history and prospect of multi-disciplinary interaction across the world and believed that Tsinghua with a solid disciplinary foundation is in need of interdisciplinary development. Prof. Xiao said that there are a number of top scientists at Tsinghua and students should work hard for a bright future. Prof. Duan also extended his best wishes for students in his remarks.

IIIS Assis. Prof. Richard Southwell remarks at the ceremony.

IIIS students Yi Wu, Chenggang Wu, Jiachen Huang and Chong Zu speak at the ceremony.

Prof. Yao presented Letter of Appointment for Prof. Jianping Wu

Prof. Wu gives Turing Lecture.

Following the opening ceremony, Prof. Yao presented Letter of Appointment for Prof. Jianping Wu as IIIS Adjunct Professor. Prof. Wu then gave the first Turing Lecture entitled “New Challenges for Computer Science: Network Science and Network Space”, which was well received by the audience.

Group photo of IIIS Fall Semester Opening Ceremony


(Photo by Haijun Guo)