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A Visit to Australia by Pre-graduate Students in Sep. 2008

September 08,2008

 Eleven pre-graduate students of ITCS, led by Prof. Amy Wang, made a one-week academic visit to Australia upon invitation on Sep. 1, 2008. They were Xue Chen, Guangda Hu, Yangwei Liu, Dong Wang, Mu Yang, Chenggang Wu, Guang Yang, Wen Yuan, Wei Li, Yekun Xu, and Ningye Zhang. They were selected out from Tsinghua University Special Pilot CS Class for excellent academic performance, and became the first ITCS pre-graduate students in June, 2008. Dr. Christophe Tartary, postdoctoral research fellow at ITCS, also went with the students.

During the week, ITCS delegation visited the University of Queensland, the University of Melbourne, the Australian National University, the University of Sydney, and Macquarie University. The five universities were located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, and Sydney respectively. 


Picture 1: Photo group at the Australian National University.



Picture2: At the University of Sydney


Picture 3: At the University of Queensland


Picture4: At the University of Melbourne


Picture 5: At Macquarie University

At the Department of Computer Science, the University of Queensland, one of their professors and Dr. Tartary gave introductions to their respective universities, and then the two sides had talks and discussions. At the University of Melbourne, the pre-graduate students were impressed with the bravery of the students there to challenge professors. The university also showed the students some of its ongoing research efforts, including research engine, distributed computing, and circuit computing, etc.

At the Australian National University, the pre-graduate students attended several lectures given by professors of theoretical computer science. At the University of Sydney, the two sides also had lively exchange and interaction.

At Macquarie University, some graduate students made presentations about their graduation projects, and they told ITCS students that these projects were not conducted merely for graduation. “Research is an integral part of life. We should do projects for graduation, but we should also do research after that.”


Picture 6: Group Photo at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Back in China, the pre-graduate students said that this trip had shown them a broader horizon, and they were greatly inspired to press ahead with their research work.