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A Trip of ITCS Pre-graduate Students to Japan for Academic Exchange

April 04,2009

Ten pre-graduate students of Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) went on an eight-day trip to Japan for academic exchanges, together with Prof. Amy Wang, Prof. Xiaoming Sun, foreign postdocs, and the administrative staff, on March 28 of 2009.


The 19-member team made their first stop at Osaka University, where Prof. Amy Wang, Associate Director of ITCS, gave a brief introduction to the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, including its mission, targets, research output, and other achievements. The faculty and students of Osaka University were greatly impressed. Prof. Fujiwara from Osaka University also talked about their scientific research and international exchange programs.



Picture 1: Prof. Wang gives a brief introduction to ITCS.



Picture 2: ITCS students listen to the lecture given by professor from Osaka University.



Picture 3: Souvenir from ITCS to Osaka University.



In the following days, ITCS team visited several other universities. At Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), ITCS students were highly praised for their quick answers to the questions posed by a professor there. The Tohoku University faculty left a deep impression on the pre-graduate students as strict time-controllers. The team spent one day in University of Tokyo, the number one on the ranking for Asian universities, visiting its wide range of departments. The students felt really proud when they heard the names of Prof. Andrew Yao and Prof. Xiaoming Sun frequently quoted in a lecture on quantum theory given by a professor there.



Picture 4: Prof. Asano gives an introduction to Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.




Picture 5: ITCS student Mu Yang interacts with the professor of Tohoku University.



Picture 6: Prof. Xiaoming Sun gives a souvenir to University of Tokyo on behalf of ITCS.


April is the best season to appreciate cherry flowers. The students really had a great time with the enchanting national flower of Japan. They also took the opportunity to see around the beautiful country and to have a taste of the delicate food.


Picture 7: Under the cherry trees.



Picture 8: Pre-graduate students and the professors.




Picture 9: Enjoying Japanese food.


This trip was a precious opportunity for the students to learn about the Japanese universities, and to have a better understanding of their own research fields. It proved to be a good platform for ITCS to enhance its academic exchanges and cooperation with its Japanese counterparts.