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Electrical transport and spin qubit in a semiconductor nanowire

Speaker: Yipu Song University of Waterloo, Canada
Time: 2012-05-09 10:00-2012-05-09 11:00
Venue: FIT 1-222
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 The electron transport properties of individual InAs nanwires and InAs/InAlAs core-shell nanowires are investigated. A temperature dependence characteristic of phonon and ionized impurity scattering is observed in fault-free InAs nanowires. A clear correlation is found between the presence of stacking fault defects and reduced mobility in lower mobility InAs devices. It is observed that phase coherent transport and electron interference manifest as conductance oscillations in InAs/InAlAs core-shell nanowires.  The presence of shell structures in InAs nanowires strongly reduces the random telegraph noise and smooths out the distortions of local potential inside the core nanowire. These effects would be beneficial for the stability and tenability of sensitive low-temperature quantum dot devices. Gate-defined quantum dots and RF-SET charge sensor are integrated in Individual InAs nanowires for qubit manipulation and readout. 

Short Bio:

  Yipu obtained his Ph.D in Physics from Peking University in 2005. During the Ph.D study in the electron microscopy laboratory, he got training on material characterization and nanofabrication. His research was focusing on nanoelectronics based on semiconductor nanowires. He continued his academic career as a postdoctor at University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he worked on the spintronics nanodevice. He then moved to Michigan State University in July 2007 working as a research associate for experimental approach to acceptor-based quantum computer.