Ready for a Fresh Start in the New Year

——The First Group Meeting in the New Semester

March 04,2010 Views: 0

On the afternoon of March 4, 2010, the first group meeting in the new semester of ITCS was held in Room 4-603, FIT Building. Professor Yao chaired this meeting. Professor Amy Yuexuan Wang, Professor Xiaoming Sun, postdoctoral researchers, visitors, ITCS graduate students and staff attended this meeting. Yingying Wu, third year graduate student from Harvard University also joined the meeting.

Professor Yao chaired the meeting

Yingying Wu, visiting student from Harvard University

Professor Yao first asked foreign postdocs about their holiday during the Chinese traditional Lunar New Year of Tiger. Everyone shared their experiences in China or wonderful trips abroad in a friendly atmosphere.

Periklis Papakonstantinou, the postdoc newly joined ITCS

There are some changes in the members of postdocs this semester. Professor Yao introduced a new postdoc from University of Toronto, Periklis A. Papakonstantinou, and announced another good news that two ITCS former postdocs, John Steinberger and Christophe Tartary, joined ITCS as assistant professors. ITCS members presented at the meeting all gave loud applause to them to show welcome and congratulation. Professor Yao then declared that ITCS would continue to attract more talents to join the faculty team.

During the meeting, ITCS faculty also settled the group curriculum for this semester. Professor Yao expected everyone that with a good start in spring, they would present more works and study harder, and make a greater achievement in computer science. It is believed that with the encouragement, everyone present will strive for more progress in this coming semester.