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A Relaxed and Pleasant Academic Activity

November 03,2007

It was a pleasant day in autumn. Students and postdoctors from ITCS went to Bank of Yan Qi Lake to spend unforgettable and fruitful days together.

At 7:30am on Nov. 3rd, students gathered on time at the east gate of Tsinghua University, and our Institute prepared breakfast, water, snacks for everyone. Along the trip, students played “Killer” with joy and laugh. At about 10:00am, they arrived at Hongda Plaza. After check-in, the seminar started at 10:30am in the conference room. Andrej Bogdanov, as the postdoctor in ITCS, was the session chair. There were altogether five students (Jing Xiao, Hongxu Cai, Yongxi Cheng, Yingchao Zhao and Chen Wang) who gave a talk during the session. Everyone listened carefully, discussed with each other, and posed questions. It was warm and orderly.






After lunch, they took the bus to the foot of Qing Long Ravne. Students were in high spirits, and they were divided into several groups and began to climb. It took about 3 hours to go from the foot of mountain to the top. Qinglong Ravine is a recreational resort for tourists, which integrated into one suburb rural scenery, countryside beauty, green valley and green water, waterfall and flowing springs, and the ancient Great Wall. Its entertainment items are featured by surprising, dangerous and wonderful. What a special feature in travelling, appreciation and playing and what a perfect combination of leisure, dining, accommodation and entertainment!




At about 6:00pm, students came back with joy and happiness and arrived at Hongda Plaza. After dinner, ITCS prepared colorful entertainment and activities for everyone, e.g. KTV, table tennis, billiards, etc. Everyone relaxed from hard study and stayed away from noise of the city.

The next day, students got up very early to take part in Bowling Competition. The awards were obtained by Zhiqiang Zhang, Yingchao Zhao, Tiantong Wu, Wei Yu and Andrej.

Below is the photo for the award to Zhiqiang Zhang’ group given by Elad.




After the bowling competition, students were attracted by Karting, which is a healthy entertainment activity. Everyone wanted to have a try.




After lunch, with joy and happiness, they returned to Tsinghua University, ending this meaningful trip.