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Let’s refresh ourselves in the fresh spring

April 04,2009

For the Special Pilot CS Class, ITCS always takes the following working principle as self-evident: to enrich the students’ after-school life, to ease their pressure of study, to strengthen their communication and to promote the development of the whole Class.

On April 4, a day with warm sunshine and gentle breeze, a spring outing to the Mangshan National Forest Park was organized for the Special Pilot CS Class by ITCS. Nearly 50 students and several faculty members from ITCS joined this outing, which was designed for students to refresh themselves in the fresh spring.




The enchanting scenery of Mangshan National Forest Park in the morning mist




After two hours drive from Tsinghua to Mongshan, we finally arrived at the mountaintop and were all tempted to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fresh air. Under the guide of faculty members, we started climbing down the mountain and visiting tourism sites along the way.


Group photo on the mountaintop



Mangshan is the biggest national forest park in Beijing. What’s special for it is that it has the longest mountain-climbing path, paved with 3666 pieces of stone band, which looks like a path to heaven. Furthermore, there is a grand statue of Buddha located halfway up the mountain. It is 9.99m high and weighs 3000t, often known as the biggest statue of Buddha in North China.

It was really a spring day of beauty and hope. The whole mountain looked as if gilded by the sunshine. The ground was covered with tender grasses, and flowers and green leaves all come out to welcome us. When climbing down the mountain, all the students were absorbed in appreciating the beauty of nature, with happiness and rejoicing. When sitting down to have a short rest, they got together and eagerly communicated with each other, about study or life.


Group photo in front of the Grand Buddha, Mangshan National Forest Park




Communication among students



After arriving at the foot of the mountain, we had lunch in a farmhouse and then went to a fruit-picking garden to pick strawberries.


Strawberry picking


The strawberry-picking ended at around 5:00pm. We gathered outside the garden, got on the shuttle bus, went back to the campus and finished this joyful spring journey.

As this is a cross-grade activity, students from different grades of the Special Pilot CS Class have an opportunity to know and learn from each other, and exchange their learning experience. During this spring outing, they relaxed themselves by enjoying the fresh air, and showed gratitude for the caring of teachers from ITCS. Special Pilot CS Class is sure to be a big family of friendship and of vigor.