Group:Network Science Group
Title: About Incentive tree
Speaker: Yuezhou Lv University
Time: 2012-06-15 12:00-2012-06-15 13:30
Venue: FIT 1-222


Yuezhou Lv will give us a talk to introduce incentive trees.

Abstract:There has recently been substantial interest in crowdsourcing, Mechanical Turks, and various other types of systems that attempt to utilize people’s work in order to achieve a certain task. One key challenge in successfully deploying such tasks is the question of how people can be incentivized to perform such tasks. Systems such as social forums, file-sharing services, mechanical Turk systems, collaborative reference work, etc typically suffer from the well-known bootstrapping problem. They can become selfsustaining when the scale of the participation list increases, but before reaching this participation threshold, they may not inherently provide sufficient benefit for users to participate in. The question of how people can be incentivized to nevertheless participate in, and thus help bootstrap such systems has recently found significant interest in the research community. In this talk, I will show you a family of mechanisms called incentive tree which can achieve our goas together with many properties desired.

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