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Tsinghua University Quantum Summer School 2012 Kicks Off

August 21,2012

2012 Quantum Summer School on “Frontiers of Quantum Information Science” starts on the morning of August 20. The five-day summer school had witnessed a series of wonderful speeches given by renowned experts from China, USA, Austria, Switzerland, and so on. CC Yao Professor Prof. Luming Duan hosted the opening ceremony and IIIS Dean Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao addressed a welcome speech.   



Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao is giving the opening address. 

In his opening address, Academician Andrew Chi-Chih Yao mentioned that quantum information science had made tremendous development over the past ten years thanks to the limitation of the classic Moore’s Law and the exploration of microscopic particles to carry quantum information 20 years ago. Thus, the development of quantum information provides researchers with new opportunities; in particular, it opens up a whole new academic perspective for young scientists. Looking into the next 50 years, Academician Andrew Chi-Chih Yao claimed that quantum technology will bring about major change in IT field and will finally promote exciting revolutionary progress with its wide-ranging use in biology, chemistry, engineering, etc. He encouraged young students to join the field, as the development of quantum information in China was still in its infancy, while internationally renowned scholars had made major breakthrough.

Prof. Duan is giving the first lecture.

 After the short opening ceremony, Prof. Luming Duan gave the first lecture entitled Quantum Error Correction, which introduced the cutting-edge researches and development of quantum error correction.

Quantum Summer School 2012 aims to bring together the leading experts from different fields to lecture on various frontiers of quantum information sciences. It had invited 8 world famous experts, including Prof. Peter Zoller and Prof. Rainer Blatt from University of Innsbruck, Austria, Prof. Xiaogang Wen from MIT, Prof. Chris Monroe from University of Maryland, etc. From August 20 to 24, a series of lectures and research reports were given, covering the topic of quantum computers, quantum networks, quantum simulation and its experimental realization in different physical systems. 


Prof. Peter Zoller and Prof. Rainer Blatt are giving keynote speeches. 

The Quantum Summer School, jointly organized by Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences Tsinghua University (IIIS) and Tsinghua-Michigan Joint Center for Quantum Information (JCQI), attracted a number of graduates, senior undergraduates and researchers in the quantum information field to come and exchange ideas with each other.