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Quantum state preparation and manipulation of single molecular ions

Speaker: Michael Drewsen Aarhus University
Time: 2013-08-14 10:00-2013-08-14 11:00
Venue: FIT-1-222


For more than a decade, the translational degrees of freedom of trapped ensembles of molecular ions have efficiently been cooled to the few millikelvin through Coulomb interaction with simultaneously trapped and laser Doppler cooled atomic ions [1]. More recently methods to produce rovibrational cold ensembles of translationally cold molecular ions have as well been demonstrated [2,3]. In the talk, I will present our recent progresses towards generating a single molecular ion in its absolute ground state with respect to both its rovibrational motion and its motion in the external trapping potential [4-6], and discuss a few planed fs laser induced rotational state manipulation experiments.


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Short Bio:

M. Drewsen is 48 year old. He obtained his PhD in Physics from the Aarhus University in 1994. Hereafter, he had a postdoctoral position in the group of Prof. J. Mlynek, Universität Konstanz, Germany, for nearly two years. In August 1995, he returned to Aarhus University, where he first held an assistant professorship (1995-2001), then an associated professorship (2001-2009), and most recently a full professorship (2009-).


Drewsen has pioneering research based on cold molecular ions embedded in Coulomb crystals, as well made several seminal contributions to the studies of Coulomb crystals and their applications within quantum optics.


Drewsen has since 2006 been the branch-leader at AU of the quantum optics center QUANTOP funded by the Danish National Research Foundation, and have served as local node-leader for six EU networks, as member of various international boards and panels.


Over the past 10 years, Drewsen has delivered more than 50 invited talks at international meetings, as well as about 30 presentations at universities and research institutions. 


Currently, the Ion Trap Group led by Drewsen includes 3 postdocs and 3 PhD students, and 3 master students.


Scientific Expertise:  Drewsen’s expertise includes cold molecular ions research with particular focus on development and exploration of techniques suitable for single molecule investigations. In addition, based on several seminal contributions to the studies of Coulomb crystals, Drewsen has become a capacity in exploiting such crystal within the field of cavity QED and quantum information science.