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SNC Seminar: Software Defined Data Centers

Speaker: Peter Baer Galvin Chief Solutions Architect for Pluribus Networks
Time: 2014-03-13 13:30-2014-03-13 15:00
Venue: FIT 1-222


Networking is changing, and those changes will have a profound effect on data centers both near term and long term. This talk explores why networks are changing, how they are changing, and what the changes will mean for datacenters.
Merchant silicon and software defined networking are driving the biggest change in the data center since server virtualization. These changes are driving networking to move from fixed function, integrated hardware and software, proprietary solutions with vendor lock-in (as servers used to be) to software controlled network switching platforms with competitive hardware choices and competitive software choices (as servers are now). The net results of these changes in the near term are network function virtualization, virtual network functions, and orchestrate-ability. Longer term, changes likely result in software-defined datacenters where networking (and storage) will be as programmable as servers, leading to flexibility, application integration, and new types of applications (with the resulting new opportunities for revenue generation by providers and users).

Short Bio:

Peter Baer Galvin (http://www.galvin.info) is the Chief Solutions Architect for Pluribus Networks (http://www.pluribusnetworks.com), a startup focusing on the next generation of network infrastructure by creating an intelligent Top-of-Rack server-switch. Prior to that he was the CTO for Corporate Technologies, a premier systems integrator and VAR (www.cptech.com). Before that, Peter was the systems manager for Brown University’s Computer Science Department.
He has written articles and columns for many publications, such as being the Sun columnist for; login: magazine (www.usenix.org/publications/login/). He is coauthor of the Operating Systems Concepts and Applied Operating Systems Concepts text-books (www.os-book.com). As a consultant and trainer, Peter teaches tutorials and gives talks on security and system administration worldwide.