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SNC Seminar: Improving Power Performance of Smartphones

Speaker: Dr. Yunxin Liu Microsoft Research Asia
Time: 2014-04-25 14:00-2014-04-25 15:00
Venue: FIT 1-222


With powerful hardware and rich applications, today’s smartphones have become increasingly power-hungry, resulting in poor power performance. This talk presents our recent work on improving power performance of smartphones. 1) V-edge: fast self-constructive power modeling of smartphones based on battery voltage dynamics. V-edge is a new approach to build self-constructive power models for smartphones without requiring current-sensing ability which is not available on many smartphones. V-edge significantly reduces the model generation time and is 100 times faster than the state-of-the-art approach. 2) DozyAP: power-efficient Wi-Fi tethering. DozyAP is the first work on reducing power consumption of Wi-Fi tethering, a very popular and useful feature for smartphones to share their cellular connection with other devices through Wi-Fi. Existing implementations of Wi-Fi tethering is of low power efficiency and DozyAP significantly improves the power efficiency. It is able to put the Wi-Fi interface into sleep for up to 88% of total time, save the whole system power consumption by up to 37%, and introduce very small extra network latency. 3) Low power connected standby of smartphones. This work aims to reduce the power consumption of smartphones in standby mode. Using email as a case study, we find that existing email clients on smartphones are energy-inefficient in several aspects. We propose techniques to address the energy-inefficiency accordingly. Evaluation results show that our implementation is able to save 49.9% energy in background email sync.

Short Bio:

Yunxin Liu is a Lead Researcher at Microsoft Research Asia. He received his PhD from Shanghai Jiao Tong University through the SJTU-MSRA joint PhD program. His research interests are mobile systems and networking, with recent focus on power management, security and privacy, and human sensing. His work has been published in top conferences and journals such as MobiSys, NSDI, CCS, TON, TMC, and TPDS; and has been featured in news media including ABC News, The Register, NetworkWorld, Mashable, and many others. He is a member of the IEEE and the ACM.