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IIIS Holds Commencement Ceremony 2014

June 25,2014

(By Shuai Sun) IIIS Commencement Ceremony and Yaoclass Meeting 2014 took place at Lecture Hall, FIT Building, on the afternoon of June 23, with the presence of Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, Dean of IIIS, Prof. Li Zheng, Director of Academic Affairs Office, Tsinghua University, and Wenxue Zhang, Vice Director of Academic Affairs Office. IIIS faculty, all the graduates and some of the student parents also attended the ceremony.

Prof. Yao is giving opening address.

 “Be your best self” is the great expectation that Prof. Yao raised towards all the graduates. In his address, Prof. Yao mentioned that the development direction for everyone after graduation was quite diversified. He hoped that all could choose a career that benefits society and “be your best self” not only at work but also in morality.

Prof. Zheng is giving speech.

Prof. Zheng extended his congratulations to all the graduates and paid tribute to Prof. Yao for his efforts and devotion to Yaoclass on behalf of Academic Affair Office, Tsinghua University. He spoke highly of Yaoclass as a brand, which is created by Prof. Yao and all Yaoclass students. Prof. Zheng also expected all graduates to “be your best self” as Prof. Yao mentioned and to give good performance in their future stage.

IIIS Excellent Graduates 2014

 (From left: Weihao Gao, Yifan Pi, Lingyu Wei; from right: Junxing Wang, Chengtao Li, Chenggang Wu, Yi Wu)

IIIS Outstanding Student Leaders 2014

 (From left: Dong Wang, Shuanhao Fan, Yi Li; from right: Guosai Wang, Chengtao Li, Yu Xia)

In Yaoclass Meeting 2014, IIIS excellent graduates, Yao Award winners and outstanding student leaders received public recognition. Chengtao Li from Yao Class 00 and Chenggang Wu from Yaoclass 60 shared their experience at Yao Class and made their resolution to bear self-discipline and social commitment in their future life.

Graduates are presenting souvenirs to Prof. Yao.

Shunhao Fan, representative of IIIS outstanding student leaders, introduced various IIIS student activities in 2014 with photo display.

Shunhao Fan is sharing student activities.

The Ceremony successfully concluded in the Old Anthem of Tsinghua. This year, 39 IIIS students will receive degree awarding, including 34 undergraduates, 3 PhD and 2 masters.

Group Photo