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Nature Publishes Research from Prof. Luming Duan's Group

October 03,2014

 Prof. Luming Duan’s research group at Tsinghua University has reported the first experimental realization of all-geometric quantum computation in a room-temperature solid-state system. The research, entitled “Experimental Realization of Universal Geometric Quantum Gates with Solid-state Spins”, was published on October 2, in Nature.

Noise robustness has been a central requirement for implementation of a quantum computer. To reduce the noise, Prof. Duan’s Group adopted an all-geometric approach to quantum computation, which offered a different paradigm for implementation. Their experimental realization of a universal set of geometric quantum gates with spins of the diamond defects effectively showed that all-geometric and potentially robust quantum computation can be realized with solid-state spin qubits.

Authors on the paper include IIIS PhD candidates Chong Zu (first author), Weibin Wang, Fei Wang, IIIS postdoc Li He, and Tsinghua undergraduates Wengang Zhang and Chengyu Dai. This research represents one of the accomplishments made in recent years at the Tsinghua Center for Quantum Information (CQI). Founded in 2011, CQI is dedicated to fostering the cutting-edge research in quantum computing and quantum network. Led by Prof. Andrew CC Yao, the Turing Award Laureate, and joined by Prof. Luming Duan, Enrico Fermi Collegiate Professor at the University of Michigan and CC Yao Professor at Tsinghua University, the institute has developed into a world renowned center for research in quantum information.

The research was funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Education of China. 

The full paper is available at:

(By Yuying Chang)