Title: Quantum Journal Club: Efficient Readout of a Single Spin State in Diamond via Sp
Speaker: Weibin Wang Tsinghua University
Time: 2015-07-03 15:00-2015-07-03 16:00
Venue: MMW S327


Efficient readout of individual electronic spins associated with atomlike impurities in the solid state is essential for applications in quantum information processing and quantum metrology. We demonstrate a new method for efficient spin readout of nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. The method is based on conversion of the electronic spin state of the NV to a charge-state distribution, followed by single-shot readout of the charge state. Conversion is achieved through a spin-dependent photoionization process in diamond at room temperature. Using NVs in nanofabricated diamond beams, we demonstrate that the resulting spin readout noise is within a factor of 3 of the spin projection noise level. Applications of this  technique for nanoscale magnetic sensing are discussed.

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