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Speaker: Brendan Juba MIT
Time: 2008-11-05 14:00-2008-11-05 15:00
Venue: FIT Building 4-603, Tsinghua University
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We propose a formal theory of goals of computationally limited agents. This theory allows us to extend the study of semantic communication without common languages vastly beyond classical computation of functions. We will illustrate key features of this theory with a diverse collection of examples of goals for communication, and we will see that as a consequence of a theorem characterizing the existence of "universal protocols" for our agents in terms of the existence of conditions that can be verified by the agent, common language is not essential for achieving any of these goals. This allows us to suggest that the lack of a common language does not pose any inherent additional difficulties in most cases of interest.


Short Bio:

Brendan Juba is a fourth year Ph.D. student at MIT, working under the supervision of Professor Madhu Sudan. His primary interest is computational complexity theory and its applications, and his work is currently supported by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.