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Constructing paradox of choice examples in social network games

Speaker: Dr. Michael Raskin Aarhus University
Time: 2016-03-09 14:00-2016-03-09 16:00
Venue: FIT 1-222


Paradox of choice occurs when permitting new strategies to some players yields lower payoffs for all players in the new equilibrium via a sequence of individually rational actions. We consider social network games. In these games the payoff of each player increases when other players choose the same strategy.

The definition of games on social networks was introduced  by K. Apt and S. Simon.  In an article written jointly with E. Markakis, they considered four types of paradox of choice in such games and gave examples of three of them.  The existence of paradoxical networks of the fourth type was proven only in a weakened form. The existence of so-called «vulnerable networks» in the strong sense remained an open question. A solution to this open question is presented by introducing a construction, called a «cascade». The construction is used to provide uniform examples for all four definitions of paradoxical  networks.

Short Bio:

Michael Raskin has obtained his MSc and PhD degrees at the Moscow State University. He is currently a postdoc at Aarhus University.
His other publications are related to linking measures and probabilistic computations, graph algorithms and almost periodical words.

homepage: http://www.mccme.ru/~raskin/