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Quantum Gate Operation in the Circuit-QED Lattice with Circulator Function

Speaker: Dr. Moondae Kim Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Time: 2016-12-23 13:30-2016-12-23 15:30
Venue: MMW-S327


We propose a scheme for a scalable quantum computing in the circuit-quantum electrodynamics(QED) architecture. In the Kagome lattice of qubits three qubits are connected to each other through a superconducting three-junction flux qubit at the vertices of the lattice. By controlling one of the three Josephson junction energies of the intervening flux qubit we can achieve the circulator function that couples arbitrary pair of two qubits among three. This selective coupling enables the interaction between two nearest neighbor qubits in the Kagome lattice, and further the quantum gate operation between any pair of qubits in the whole lattice through consecutive two-qubit gates.