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IIIS Holds PhD Supervisor Workshop

March 03,2017

On the afternoon of Mar. 2, 2017, IIIS PhD Supervisor Workshop took place in Room 1-315, FIT Building. Prof. Andrew Chi-Chih Yao, IIIS Dean, Prof. Qiang Yao, Dean of Graduate School, Prof. Fan Yang, Deputy-Director of Department of Graduate Affairs, Prof. Shiqiang Yang, Chairman of the Academic Degrees Evaluation Committee in Computer Science, Prof. Luming Duan, CC Yao Professor of IIIS, Assistant Professor Jian Li, Chair of IIIS Graduate Committee in Computer Science, attended the workshop and made speeches. The event was hosted by Prof. Jian Li.

Prof. Andrew Yao is giving the first speech

Prof. Andrew Yao opened the workshop with his experience as an advisor. He advised young tutors to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, leaving innovative students more room to do independent researches, and to focus on the students, instead of the research projects. Then Prof. Yao talked in detail on how undergraduates can turn into scientists who are able to do independent research through 4-5 years of graduate education. He concluded his speech with the film Wizard of OZ, and wished all graduates “find your courage, exercise your brain, follow your heart and finally find your way home”.


Prof. Luming Duan and Prof. Jian Li then introduced IIIS PhD Program in Physics and Computer Science respectively.

Prof. Shiqiang Yang is introducing the graduation requirements of computer science.

Prof. Shiqiang Yang emphasized the graduation requirements of computer science, and then he encouraged young mentors when talking about how to choose graduate students, how to establish a harmonious relationship between advisors and students, and how to mobilize the academic enthusiasm of graduates.

Prof. Fan Yang is giving the speech

Prof. Fan Yang wished young supervisorsmake full use of the extra-curriculum platforms provided by the Department of Graduate Affairs, and establish a more democratic advisor-student relationship of mutual respect.


Discussion Session

Afterwards, all the participants had a discussion on the problems they’ve encountered during PhD admission, supervising and so on.

Prof. Qiang Yao is giving the speech

Prof. Qiang Yao, Dean of Graduate School, concluded that the tutor shoulder the mission of cultivating future high-level talents of our country and is the primary and direct person responsible for PhD education. He hoped young advisors could get familiar with the requirements and regulations of the program through this kind of workshop. Finally, Prof. Yao introduced some of the recent reformations in the graduate education system and pointed out that the university would make every effort to create a better talent training environment.


Group Photo


(By Yanping Wang, photo by Xiang Li and Kewei Nie)