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IIIS Alumni Forum at 106th Tsinghua Anniversary

April 30,2017

On the afternoon of Apr. 30, IIIS marked 106th Tsinghua Anniversary with Alumni Forum 2017 taking place at room 1-222 of FIT Building. The subjects of alumni forum this year were composed of “career development at enterprises " and "academic experience at institutes".

Alumni from Computer Industry (from the left: Jia Yongzheng, Liu Yicheng, Yao Hongyi, Xu Minjie, Han Chi)

Invited alumni from computer industry included Liu Yicheng, Yaoclass graduate of 2013 and master graduate of 2017, current soft engineer at Airbnb, Yao Hongyi, Yaoclass graduate of 2010, currently working at Tower research capital, and Xu Minjie, PhD graduate of 2015, now working at Bloomberg LP. Jia Yongzheng, Yaoclass graduate of 2013 and current PhD Candidate at our institute also attended the forum as special guests.


When talking about impact of IIIS’s cultivation on the way of career, Liu Yicheng mentioned that academics and industry were not entirely separate, and practical problems were expected to be solved in the industry. With regard to the difference between work and study, Xu Minjie mentioned that realization of ideas, communication and cooperation skills were very important in work. All alumni talked about their daily work, in which reading literature accounted for a large proportion. The industry forum was chaired by Han Chi, undergraduate from Yaoclass 2016.


Alumni from academia (from the left: Wang Qinshi, Zu Chong, Liu Sixue)

3 IIIS alumni were invited as the guest speakers on academic experience at institutes, including Zu Chong, PhD graduate of 2016 and current postdoc at University of California Berkeley, Liu Sixue, master graduate of 2016 and current PhD at Princeton University, and Wang Qinshi, Yaoclass 2016, and current PhD at Princeton University. They recalled their life at IIIS and the first time they published essays. They also made fair recommendations on research.

Zu Chong reviewed the process of establishing CQI labs and emphasized the importance of reading papers on scientific research. He suggested it should not matter how difficult the first work is. Confidence could be generally strengthened through research and publishing papers. Zu Chongadvised to develop one’s own interest because scientific research was very hard. The academia forum was chaired by Xie Qian, undergraduate from Yaoclass 2015.          

Group photo of invited alumni, teachers and students


(By Xu Han and Yu Fang, photo by Kewei Nie)