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Off-chain Operating Network

Speaker: Junda Liu, Cofounder of Celer Network
Time: 2018-06-14 15:00-2018-06-14 16:00
Venue: FIT 1-312


Scalability is a fundamental challenge that is blocking mass adoption of blockchain technology. To achieve Internet level scalability, off-chain is a promising direction as participants only need on-chain transactions for deposit and settlement. However, to realize its full potential, more challenges remain unsolved. This talk will begin with an overview of scalability proposal landscape and their trade-offs, then provide a deep dive of off-chain operating network, including generalized state channel, stateful link model for routing, and incentive compatible economic model.

Short Bio:

Dr. Junda Liu received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, advised by Prof. Scott Shenker. He was the first to propose and develop DAG based routing to achieve nanosecond network recovery (1000x improvement over state of art). Dr. Liu joined Google in 2011 to apply his pioneer research to Google’s global infrastructure. As the tech lead, he developed a dynamic datacenter topology capable of 1000 terabit/s bisection bandwidth and interconnecting more than 1 million nodes. In 2014, Dr. Liu became a founding member of Project Fi (Google’s innovative mobile service). He was the tech lead for seamless carrier switching, and oversaw Fi from a concept to a $100M+/year business within 2 years. He was also the Android Tech Lead for carrier services, which run on more than 1.5B devices. Dr. Liu holds 6 US patents and published numerous papers in top conferences. He received BS and MS from Tsinghua University.

Celer Network is the first off-chain operating network with coherent technology and economic architecture to bring Internet-level scalability to blockchain. It is horizontally scalable to billions of transactions per second, trust-free, decentralized and privacy preserving. Celer Network encompasses a layered architecture with advanced innovations for each layer, and proposes a principled off-chain crypto economics balancing scalability tradeoffs.